Trip Level
Moderate Strenuous
Nepal Tour
Max Altitude
5454 m
Trip Duration
22 Days

Mountain Biking Tibet 

Tibet mountain bike tour, biking on the arid plateau and high altitude trail to view Mt. Everest is the most popular Tibet mountain bike tour. Ride your mountain bikes through the grandeur of nature's uncanny craftsmanship of beauty at every end of the himalayan highway G318. Now for the first time, Tibet mountain bike tour, a ride from Lhasa to Kathmandu will be guided over landscapes with exclamation of sceneries too enthusiastic to ignore. And, this is not a typical Tibet mountain bike tour on simple biking trail, which are the rescent perspective of mountain biking Tibet. Traveler say, mountain bike tour from Tibet to Nepal is enlightening journey, since it follows the road of the soul, a must ride for mountain biking tourist. Moreover, Tibet mountain bike tour is a ride which boast "the most beautiful scenery", and together with the bewitching facts of those beautiful scenery are the tradition of the people and the children's smile of gratitude that greets you. The mountain biking Tibet route connects two capital cities Lhasa and Kathmandu. We will travel on the G 318 National highway which is honored the landscape avenue of China and it extends almost 5500 kilometers. This is a constant ride on the high altitude of Tibet, where you will eventually gain an elevation more than the height of Mt. Everest.

There are no other mountain bike tours that will preoccupy you with breathtaking landscape view as much as on a Tibet mountain bike Tour. Among the mountain biking tours on offer, the most popular is the, Lhasa Kathmandu Mountain bike tour. Not to say, Lhasa to Kathmandu Mountain Bike tour is downright strenuous and physically demanding. But, this is not necessarily a ride for superhuman only, with a sound cardio system you can easily accomplish the tour. Tibet mountain bike tour, is exceptional as it offers you the opportunity visit Mt. Everest Base Camp. And on this mountain bike tour from Lhasa to Kathmandu, you will ride on the Northern to Southern 200 km off-road trails and across third highest motor able pass in the world. This is a phenomenal 22 days Tibet mountain bike tour itinerary with a twist on the trail. We will ride on the section providing amazing natural features of Tibet; it will be few days before we connect to the main highway 318 leading us to Shigatse, Lhatse, Tingri and Rongbuk the entrance of Mt. Everest Base Camp.

Three days must acclimatization program in Lhasa covers visiting various sites of interest, including the Potala Palace but once on the road, distant fragile settlements of Tibetan nomads are the only solitary signs of civilization. However, urbanization of rural areas and people adapting to social changes are apparent, but by nature, Tibet mountain bike tours or a Lhasa to Kathmandu mountain bike tour, still represents awesome mysterious subterranean solitude trapped in the mystical Tibetan landscape.

Unfortunately, the longest downhill descent, a major highlight of Tibet mountain bike tour on a ride from Lhasa to Kathmandu has not been run since April 25 - 2015. It will be sometimes, before it is featured on this awe-inspiring mountain bike tour from Lhasa to Kathmandu, the most renowned Tibet mountain bike tour. But until then, let's ride like hell, a revolutionized Lhasa to Kathmandu Mountain Bike Tour from Tibet. Even though, the old route and the lower trail from Lhasa has remained an itinerary in use by tour operators. We will take you on a  route that will let you experience a bigger slice of rural Tibet. Although the ride in Tibet escalates altitude in short phase, the night rest stops maintain the right altitude of acclimatization.

The ride from Lhasa on the first day, being an introductory ride in the high altitudes, we will drive to Chakla pass for a start. The section of this few days bike ride can be almost all classified as rural. The 4,943 meters Chakla pass then drops down into the fertile arable land of Pengbo River Valley. The next level of the ride is on a fairly level trail, but it’s still a mountain road with some short ups and down to Damxung 4,066m. Two hour drive is involved on the second day of cycling tour to Namtso Lake, a sacred site of a subjugating beauty, a lake of incredible color in the middle of a soft green meadow with air of purity. We soak with the beauty of the surrounding at 5,217m. It would become an outstanding experience to ride on the trail to the lake, but, just like the weather, rules and regulation change instantly in Tibet. Namtso area was open for camping till sometime back, now, the government has stopped all activities for overnight stay in the area on environment issues. But a hundred and thirty kilometers dream ride as we follow the spur of Nyaunqên-tanglha Mountains range and through the world's highest altitude train station, is a worthy pay off for the drive. The long stretch of the day ride can be relaxed with a dip in a natural hot spring at 4,203m, which the local believe offer a miracle healing. 

From Yungpachen hot spring, we will be mountain biking in the wilderness of Nomads and farming settlements. The trails are mostly silent from vehicular movements and the beauty of cycling on this trail is hardly definable. We cross what is supposed to be the third highest road-able pass in the world at 5,454 meters (could be 5,567m), but for some the pass is 5,260m, 5,300m, 5,400m, whatever the case, the ride offers little to take no notice. The area is occasionally used by the Chinese Army for high-altitude military exercises, you could be the lucky one to come across such rare moments, but these are definitely not an everyday sightseeing. Cycling down after the Shogula pass, we reach the first major village in this valley of Kangmacun la 4,224 m. below the typical Tibetan hills to Margyung Shang area, We cross Margyung Shang Pass 4971 m for a downhill to cross Brahmaputra River to reach the main Highway 318. We keep following this highway on an undulating trail over few small passes to Shigatse the second biggest city in Tibet and continue our ride to Lhaze, where the camp is set after Tsola pass at 3,998m. 

We enter the Qomolangma National Nature Reserves on the way from Lhatse to Shegar over the Gyatsola pass 5,259m. Then come what could be a short ride in compare to shredded grit and guts, but with Gyawula pass 5,198m in between, its may still be hard to overcome the excitement to reach Pasum Sang 4,147m. The next day is the day, your dream comes true, a 37 Km and the shortest ride of the tour, but you'll be grinding your teeth all the way to Rongbuk Monastery. Now, this is the new North Face Base Camp of Mt. Everest (well almost). Fuel Combustion or carbon dioxide (CO2) emitting conveyance are stopped few km before Rongbuk, since this is a bicycle tour, you will be allowed further two km after Rongbuk (but this can also change without notice, bear in mind, this is Chinese administered Tibet). Well, for the tour companies and the moment of truth, you will visit North Face Base Camp of Mt. Everest in Tibet may not be in vague, but for us two km after Rongbuk is the end of the line. Happy Moments & Selfies with Mt. Everest, You will reach Kathmandu in next four days.

Detailed Itinerary

Day 01: Arrival, Hotel Transfer. Free to Explore. Overnight

Day 02 / 03 / 04: Paper process / A guided tour of cultural interest will follow for next three days, begning after breakfast. And, some time to arrange your pack for the flight to Lhasa.

Day 05: Fly to Lhasa Airport, Meet representative and drive to Lhasa city, Hotel. Rest to acclimitize.

Day 06: Lhasa Sightseeing tour: Potala palace and Jokhang temple with Bharkor streets.

Day 07: Drive to Chakla pass 4,943 meters, ride to Damxung 4,066m. Max - Min Elevation 3,123 / 3,606m Overnight Hotel

Day 08: Sightseeing in Namtso Lake, ride to natural hot spring at 4,203m, Maxi - Min Elevation 2,847 / 2,842m Overnight Hotel

Day 09: Cross one of the highest road-able pass in the world, camp after Shogula pass. Max - Min Elevation 2,630 / 2,448m

Day 10: Cycling to Margyung Shang Pass 4,971m reach Highway 318. Camp at 3,772m. Max - min Elevation 3,537 / 4,201m

Day 11: Ride to Shigatse. Overnight Hotel. Max - Min 1,122m /1,086m

Day 12: Ride from Shigatse to campsite at 3,786m. Max - Min Elevation 836m / 540m

Day 13: Cycle to Lhaze, camping after Tsola pass at 3,998m, Max - Min Elevation 2,507 / 2,619m.

Day 14: Highlight Qomolangma National Nature Reserves, Gyatsola pass 5,259m. Hotel Max - Min Elevation gain 3,331 / 2,977 m

Day 15: Ride to Pasum Shang 4,147m, camp after Gyawula pass 5,198m Max - Min Elevation 3,264 / 3,157m

Day 16: Ride to Rongbuk, Overnight Guesthouse Max - Min Elevation 974 / 424 m

Day 17: Ride to Tsamda Max - Min Elevation 1,569 / 2,245m

Day 18: Cycling from Tsamda to Peikutso lake, Max - Min Elevation 2,971 / 2,642m.

Day 19: Ride from Peikutso Lake to Kyerung. Max - Min Elevation 2,626 / 3,164m

Day 20: Bike from Kyerung to Rasuwa Ghadhi Nepal border Max - Min Elevation 7,845m / 10,081m Overnight Hotel 

Day 21: Drive to Kathmandu. Day free; Evening, Farewell feast steeped in culture, with a bit of theatrics in a 150 years old preserved decadent grandeur elegance of bygone era. Share your story and experience of the tour over chilled beers.

Day 22: At an appropriate time, Transfer to International airport. End of the Mountain Bike Tour from Lhasa to Kathmandu. Bon Voyage

  • All ground transfers as per our given itinerary.
  • Hotel in Kathmandu (including breakfast and all taxes).
  • Guided sightseeing in Kathmandu (including all entrance fees).
  • Welcome Dinner with live Nepalese culture show at one evening.
  • Guided sightseeing in Lhasa with all entrance fees included.
  • Hotels in Tibet (including breakfast and all taxes) as per our mentioned Itinerary.
  • All Camping Equipment (such as Two-Man Tent, Dining Tent, Kitchen Tent, Shower tent, Toilet Tent, Tables, Chairs, Mattresses, etc.
  • Support Truck to carry your luggage and a Land Cruiser for assistance. Available at all times (while in Tibet).
  • Three times hot, fresh meals per day while camping, prepared by our very professional kitchen crew.
  • Daily wages and insurance for staff and guides.
  • Airport Tax.
  • Airfare: Kathmandu-Lhasa.
  • Tibet travel permit, Visa fee, All monastery entrance fees wherever applicable.
  • Expenses of a personal nature; Lunch/dinner in the Hotel; Bar bills; Laundry bills; Telephone bills; Tips, etc.
  • Personal Medical & Travel insurance.
  • Rescue & Evacuation - If necessary.
  • Nepal re-entry visa fee.
  • Excess baggage charges.

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