Trip Level
Moderate Strenuous
Nepal Tour
Max Altitude
Trip Duration
22 Days

Cycling Tour in Tibet 

Tibet cycling tour, discover and cherish each moment cycling tour in Tibet, a ride on the high altitude trails on the friendship highway leading to Nepal. Its the most inspiring cycling tour in the world as Tibet cycling tour is referred as a cycling tour in the paradise of snow on a land with the longest roads.

However, the likeliness of Tibet cycling tour should not be underestimated, especially cycling from Lhasa to Kathmandu, as you have to ride like hell to reach 5454 meters. The altitude is a bit skeptical but is supposed to be the third highest motorable pass in the world. A continuous 100 km downhill on the fourth day is a heartwarming asset of this Tibet cycling tour. Although, it's not the longest downhill descent summarized with Tibet cycling tour from Lhasa to Kathmandu.

On the cycling tour of Tibet, an astonishing downhill ride will then head into 200 Km off-road solitude with two high mountain passes over 5000 meters and astounding vistas, as we follow the Nyaunqên-tanglha Mountains range. We will follow a different route than the one in practice for decades. And, the ride will covers mind-blowing isolation with incredible topography making up for the seclusion of being on off-road deserted trail. Besides, only the ride itself will narrate the chronicle than the superlatives geeked about Tibet cycling Tour.

The excitement of finding worthy to capture are plenty on Tibet cycling tour, but the ride should not be overshadowed by what may be a path of casualty. Vehicles travel at high speed on highway 318 National Road in Tibet and if two vehicle from both direction meet at the point of where this photographer is having a time of his life, there won't be much time to react. But cycling the robust mountain passes, straight up hairpins, switchback and downhill to reach Mt. Everest Base Camp, is the ultimate thrill of Tibet cycling tour.

A short ride from Rongbuk will reach to the entrance of Everest Base Camp in Tibet where you can take selfies with the highest landmark. And probably this ultimate moment could be the memorabilia that will not vaporize like the monsoon clouds. Check Full Itinerary

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