Trip Level
Moderate Strenuous
Nepal Tour
Max Altitude
3000 meters
Trip Duration
16 Days

Cycling Holiday Tour in Nepal

Nepal cycling holiday tour, yearly mountain bike tour mainly let you understand the physical demand required to pedal our way to view Mt. Everest. Its a cycling tour on awesome off-roads and remote hill trails. But the early stage of this festival ride is spiced with color, lets us explore the Tarai plains, blend with locals and experience the genuine spirit of Holi festival. 

On this Cycling Holiday tour in Nepal, you will enjoy playing with color mountain biking to the southern Plains which lies at 80 meters. The ride will then repeatedly need to clog on granny gears over several twined Mid-hills to an altitude of 3000 meters as we complete the tour in twelve days.

While this Cycling Holiday tour in Nepal is practically a new mind set of our tour company, it is to convey a message that there are equally some genuine cycling holiday tours that you can enjoy down south, the most negelected tourism sector in Nepal. Apart, from the phenomenal mountain vistas including Mt. Everest and its range, we will meet ethnic people and engage with their tradition. Now, this will be an unique experience, gaining knowledge about diverse principle along the trail and traveling through very little talked areas away from monotonous tourism areas.

They say color and culture are synonymous and the festival a story telling atmosphere, let us unlock the belief with our cycling holiday tours in Nepal, which is once a year ride. And, we also travel to the Tarai plains on the Sindhuli Highway and don't be surprised to find women, old, young and even special needy people riding bicycles. Let us ride to discover the simplicity of their life, the pains and gains of this unique people on festival ride.

Although Holi is a day of joyous celebration for Hindus worldwide, this festival is celebrated for two days in Nepal which is a bonus aspect for cycling on these holidays, a fair say, two days of mountain bike tour on a traffic nuisance clean road.

There is a single track through forested areas that should not be missed on this festival ride, Nepal cycling holiday tour and that is the only section where we have to track back the trail. But it is only a short retrace and the ride is sure to offer you a culturally superlative experience of Nepal cycling holiday tour.

However, you really need to uplift your riding expertise to join this cyling holiday tour in Nepal. Any form of Cycling holiday tours in Nepal, somewhat challenges even the toughest hardcore riders ability to tackle nerve-racking uneven mountain trails in Nepal.

Detailed Itinerary

Cycling holiday tour in Nepal, a ride on a festival day of Holi include stages outlooks of Tour de France, and one among them is the Sindhuli highway. Its not everyday that one gets an opportunity to ride on this highway or on the Tarai farming plains freely.

We have choosen these two days for the trip because, other than children, men, women old and young smeared in color occasionally pursuing us to join in fun, the ride is virtually traffic nuisance clean.

The cycling tour will then extend into awesome landscaped valleys across mid hill trails and frankly, we cannot overdoze the cycling trip with our words, it will gain a reputation of its own. But having said that, certain stages are sure to wear out even the toughest hardcore rider.

The chain of mid hills we cross include strong climb uphills, great downhill rips and drifts, so its not just shredding the gnar into the orbit. This is a cycling tour apart from regular trails of Mustang or the Annapurna Circuit and obviously brings to light the genuine spirit of the Festival ride.

Detail itinerary:

Day 01: Arrival - Hotel Transfer - Free to explore - Overnight Hotel

Day 02: Full day Guided city Tour of PashupatiNath / Baudhanath / Shyambunath / Kathmandu Durbar Square - Overnight Hotel

Day 03: Guided Sightseeing Tour of Patan City / Changu Narayan / Bhaktapur medival Town - Completes the seven Heritage sites the important element of Being in Nepal. Nepal tour is never complete if you don't visit these sites of interest. Overnight Dhulikhel

Day 04: Start of the Holi festival ride. After some fun time playing with color among the locals, we take 100 Km drive to Kanyakharka at an altitude of 1700 meters the starting point of a beautiful downhill ride to reach 76 meters at Tarai Plains. Hotel Overnight

Day 05: Today we will explore areas of the legend of an epic story, the Ramayana. We will ride to Sita temple and explore areas that have link to this story before reaching the East West Highway of Nepal via Dhunasadham. This is the busiest highway in Nepal, but on this day it is our play ground as we ride 90 KM further to Udaypur. We'll be met here by local women riders who will help us explore the local area next day. And, probably you may come across more shares of color than anticipated.

Day 06: The day is spent exploring the surrounding, knowing the culture of Tharu indigenous people and appreciating their hospitality.

Day 07: We start our ride on short level blacktopped road and cross through the river to grind into the grannies. The heave up is constant for 4/5 km always with a magnificent sight of the town below. After some uphill switch the isolation start but the ride offers some great downhill ride on a forested track to reach a small town called Sauney. A short climb out of this town will reach us to Ranibas the last location trackable on GPS. From here its a massive downhill ride to Phokisingtar. Our camp is by the beach of Dudh Kosi River originating from Solukhumbu region.

Day 08: Today we will folow the Dudhkosi river bank for the next 18 Km and as the trail vear right, we will meet a upstream that eventually merge with Dudhkosi river. We ride further five Km to cross a hanging bridge. The ride to Buipa our night camp is not very impressive considering the level of the climb, but it is a rewarding experience, there wouldn't be a better winner of Tour de France.

Day 09: We follow a forested trail and meet the main Diktel sadak. A few Km lower we again vear right to meet the DudhKosi river. We camp along the road to Kangel.

Day 10: Today we ride to Salleri from Kangel. The route of the trail from midday day seven are not very distinct as tracking was not available due to telecom connectivity. We have to cross the Dudh Kosi again to be anywhere near Solukhumbu and may even have to drive few uphill to make up time to reach Salleri.

Day 11: Ride to Ratnagay Danda, its a stiff uphill but the views of Everest range are worthy the struggle. We hit one exciting single track through the jungle to meet a crossroad at Jor Boudha. We take the left turn and follow the Solu River to Dhap danda 3000 m for the night. Sunset and sunrise are amazing, there's a bit of photoshop on the image but if the weather favors, the reality is almost alike.

Day 12: Mt. Everest could be burning and to find out, you have to wake up with the dawn. After breakfast it's another surprising downhill ride to to Rampur. After lunch, we keep pushing in between to Kutunje to camp for the night.

Day 13: There is a short straight up 2.5 km to top of a ridge from Kutunje but we take the lower trail to fulbari, another down hill and some flats to the edge of Ghorakhori, a stiff 6 km very challenging climb will reach us to Ghorakhori for the camp.

Day 14: After a six km tough climb its a 19 km downhill to Sangutar our Lunch camp. Ride a 17 km uphill to Salupati after 8 km we reach a tri-junction and we continue on the straight trail to Manthali for the Night.

Day 15: Packup and drive to Kathmandu 5 hrs. Hotel Check, day free, Evening, Farewell feast steeped in culture with a bit of theatrics in a 150 years old preserved decadent grandeur elegance of bygone era. Share your story and experience of the tour over chilled beers.

Day 16: At your convienent time, transfer to the international airport. Bon Voyage

Departure Dates

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Nepal Cycling Holiday Tour - Festival Ride Thu 25 Mar, 2021 Thu 08 Apr, 2021 $2,199 Book Now