Trip Level
Nepal Tour
Max Altitude
5454 meters
Trip Duration
19 Days

Nepal Tibet Motorbike Tour 

Tibet motorbike tour, get ready for a sensational ride on the scenic G 318 China National highway to Lhasa from Kathmandu. This is a revolutionary motorbike adventure to enjoy the freedom of the open road on the way to Mt. Everest Base Camp in Tibet. Tibet motorbike tour connect two capital cities, Lhasa in Tibet and Kathmandu in Nepal. Other than cross border ride in Nepal, it is basically a Tibet motorbike tour to experience the ultimate thrill of riding among the highest roads of the world. The biking trip offer Nomadic culture, visit to Tibetan monasteries and the Potala palace in Lhasa, once the official residence of Dalai Lama, the exiled Tibetan Leader.

Tibet motorbike tour to visit Everest base camp in Tibet from Nepal, how easy is it to arrange, and will a guide lead the tour? Even though Nepal Tibet motorbike tour to Lhasa starts from Nepal, it still needs to be prearranged with the Tibet counterpart. The trip is lead by profesional motor biking guide, road captains and support vehicles at all times. The itinerary may vary with motorbike tour companies, since the challenge of considering the best motorbike route is foremost. And we understand, riding the same trail over and over, is like recuperating from a hangover and that shit out the adrenaline flares. After exploring the pros and cons, we have made use of the each option available, so we do not have to ride the section already covered.

Secondly, the road condition to reache Lhasa from Nepal? Tibet motorcycle route is based on mix flavor of plateau-straights and mountain-ripple road with minimum backtrack to contain. Tibet motorbike tour on the plateau roads are simple riding, in sense of motorcycle touring, and bike rider can acclerate to reasonable speed but not over the limit on freeways and deserted country roads in Tibet. However, the ride on mountainous roads, which curves across the ribs and sinews of the Himalayan Mountains and its satellite ranges are the section, that makes Tibet motorbike tour more an adventure. There are no other motorbike tours that provide the elation of being free on an open road and hear the wind whistles, a sting that may always remain a puzzle. Even though, Tibet motorbike tour is not as popular as the Chris Rea song - Road to Hell, which has a phenomenal listening audience, you can be that someone to document this badass ride that hightails the height of Mt. Everest, as the next Road to Hell. 

Other necessities to know, is the route different or follow the same pattern with other motorcycle tour companies? Motorcycle route of this Tibet motorbike tour is comparably different and a planned purpose only, but there are no conditions to differ with the ambiance of the itinerary or motorbiking characteristics. And, once you ride the route, it will get the classically unique mention.

What is the distance of Kathmandu to Lhasa motorbike tour? The ride in total will cover approximately 2350 Km. There are nine high mountain passes in between the ride, offers greatest adventure experience, guaranteed to delight even a nonchalant rider. And, we do not ride the main highway into Shigatse since we follow the backroad trail. 

So, how much gasoline will a motorbike consume on Tibet motorbike tour? Well, this is a motorbike tour package that sleeves up 85/90 +/- 5% liters of gasoline riding 500 cc motorbike on the harsh Tibetan territory and mountainous passes. But if not, across the most stupendous landscape, rifting and drifting over valleys and elevation higher than Mt. Everest, the highest landmark in the world.

When will this trip start and can rider join a group? Bookmark this motorbike trip as definitive’s; we will run Tibet motorbike tour from the year 2020 onwards. Write to us or join our Tibet motorbike tour which starts from Kathmandu, ride the best motorbike route in Tibet with our group departure; enjoy a lifetime experience on a Tibet motorbike tour, from Nepal.

Detailed Itinerary

Kathmandu Lhasa Tibet Motorcycle Tour 

Motorbike tour from Kathmandu to Lhasa in Tibet is thoroughly on freeways on the Tibetan side, but our itinerary blends with riding unsealed provincial road across thick slice of rural Tibet. Importantly, the itinerary is planned in manner, that you don't have to retrace the same route over and over, but the minimum is inevitable.

Day 01: Arrival - Hotel Transfer - Free day - Overnight Hotel 

Day 02/03: Whatever tour you may be on, but a tour of Nepal is incomplete without a visit to its Heritage sites; Since paper work at the Chines embassy takes a few days, we'll utilize this free time to explore these magnitic sites of Nepal.

Day 04: We will probably be receiving our confirmed papers from the Embassy today, but we do not need to wait for it at our disposal, one of the errand boy will follow up with the papers at end of the day. Meanwhile, we will start our ride through the rapidity of city limits into the alluring vistas of Langtang mountain range over the valley ridge to reach Nawakot. Overnight Hotel

Day 05: We begin an early morning ride towards the Nepalese / Chinese border with a short midway stop to experience some local delicacies for breakfast. On clearance from both the custom, we hit the highway of Tibet (some concrete section) towards the Town of Gyirong also known as Kyerung at an altitude of 2700m. The ride across the border is an instant climb snake twisting randomly as the Trisuli river flows on the side below. The flow of traffic is mimimum and road edges are braced well with steel barriers. Acceleration control is a must as there are no room to go beyond 3rd gear and the mist from the crevasse between two hills is always a problem. Overnight Hotel

Day 06: The ride from Kyerung to Old Tingri covers open desert road after crossing 5236m Gungthangla pass towards Saga that lies at an altitude of 4640 meters. This town is strategically located at the junction of three road crossing connecting the east, the south and the road from the west, the main link road for Mt. Kailash Pilgrimage from Nepal. Saga town straddles the Dargye Tsangpo river above its junction with the Brahmaputra River and also is an army garrison town which patrols the Sino-Nepal border. We head on to the village of Gangkar, compromising that may seem like a mile long gritty long strip of restaurants, guesthouses and vehicle workshops connecting 318 the main highway to Lhasa. The town is basically a travellers stoppage point for the night and it is likely one road stop destination where the morning flare of the sun presents Mt. Cho Oyu glittering like gold overlooking the sweeping plains bordered by towering Himalayan peaks.

Day 07: The ride from Old Tingri to Shigatse is tricky as we follow the Brahmaputra River on the right flank, this section of the ride is the jumble of the highway rumble. With the entertaining sound of the Royal Enfield Himalayan Motorbike 411 cc high stroke engine grinding 24.83 PS @ 6500 rpm, the ride will simply make you adapt a safe distance from fellow front rider, but let us remind you, its not the freeway 318. Since the principal of this biking tour is to avoid returning through the same route, this is the forthcoming trail in every tour companies itinerary sooner or later. And you can tuck this section of the ride it into your glossary of some badass ride as cozy bed waits ahead in the second largest town in Tibet, Shigatse. 

Day 08: Today we ride the actual highway 318 to Lhasa, but it is a short 87 KM Ride before we divert into an alternate trail. This is a pretty little shortcut in a land of long roads, an unsealed provincial road that runs between one of the highest motorable road in the world and another two spectacular high pass for a dip in a hot spring, before hitting the bed. 

Day 09: Unfortunately, this section of the ride is the only road where we have to ride up and down the same trail. We start our ride with the continious sight of spur of Nyaunqên-tanglha mountain rage through Damxung county to Namtso Lake. Explore around and we ride back to Damxung for the Night.

Day 10: This section of the ride can be classified half way rural as we mender into the fertile arable land of Pengbo River Valley. We then twist and turn the rugged trail of Chakla pass followed with a steep downhill to Lhunzub. From here, its a fairly level trail to Lhasa.

Day 11: Lhasa Sightseeing tour.

Day 12: From today onwards we follow, the classic lhasa to Kathmandu trail. Ride from Lhasa via Kambhala pass 4890m Yamdrok lake / Karola pass 5039 to Gyantse.

Day 13: Morning visit to Phalchuk Monastery and Kumbum Stupa / Ride to Sigatse.

Day 14: Ride from Shigatse to Shegar, We reached Shigatse with the Brhamaputra River following us on the right flank, today several hills on the right will seperate us from the River as we throttle max to Shegar. 

Day 15: Ride from Shegar to Local bus area, unfortunately, fuel combustion engines are not allowed to go further than 12 KM before Rongbuk monastery, But the Chinese Government have provided electric Buses to Reach the Monastery. Now there are deginated place to how far, to the Base camp a tourist can travel. Best to rely with your instinct if you can capture some moments for a selfie with Mt. Everest. Overnight Guesthouse

Day 16: Ride from Local bus station to Old Tingri observing the beautiful Peikutso Lake before meeting the Gungthangla pass to reach Kerung. Today its just a negliable retrace on an already ridden path. 

Day 17: Ride from Kyerung to Nepal custom, its the same way down, there are no options. Cross border ride to Kathmandu.

Day 18: Free day; Evening, Farewell feast steeped in culture, and a bit of theatrics in a 150 years old preserved decadent grandeur elegance of bygone era. Share your story and experience of the tour over chilled beers.

Day 19: At your convienent time, transfer to the international airport. Bon Voyage 

Departure Dates

Trip Name Start Date End Date Price
Tibet Motorbike Tour Sun 27 Sep, 2020 Wed 14 Oct, 2020 $5,700 Book Now
Tibet Motorbike Tour Sun 09 May, 2021 Wed 26 May, 2021 $5,900 Book Now
Tibet Motorbike Tour Sun 22 Aug, 2021 Wed 08 Sep, 2021 $5,900 Book Now