Motorcycle Adventure Tours

Nepal Motorcycle Tours, the best on-off road motorcycle adventure tours, ride in the Himalayas where the mountains meet the sky. Motorcycle adventure tours offers magnificent sights of the himalayan mountains and unlimited sensations exploring ancient country culture, temples and monasteries in Nepal. Experience Nepal motorcycle tours to Mt. Everest Base Camp on a Tibet Motorbike Tour which has been a favorite among bikers interest. Check motorbike tour itineraries to ride on roads of infinite discoveries where the overwhelming sights of the Himalayan Mountains could be simply secondary as Nepal motorcycle tours are like top gear overdrive rally to enjoy without competitive motive. 


Check our day tours and multi day rides on the land with long roads, motorcycle touring across the highest motor-able passes and extreme uphill and down hills, with continuous switchbacks and splendid landscape views.

Explore our motorcycle trips, Ride the Saddle-sore distance Bun Burner miles Himalayan Motorbike tour, or Kathmandu Lhasa Motorcycle Tour, which is a Tibet motorbike tour starting from Nepal. 

Gear the passion for motorcycle touring; experience the utter thrill of living on the thin edge of life on a motorbike trip. Book motorcycle adventure for a lasting experience of riding in the Himalayas. Enjoy the routes on our guided tours with all motorcycle rental included with the tour package.

On our guided motorcycle tours in Nepal, you can ride the uneven trails even if you have never ventured further off asphalted roads than a trip into gravel Moto Park. It is our guarantee; you can get rid of that trepidation, master the dynamics of motorbike touring on-off roads with our tour guide or road captains and enjoy the motorcycle adventure. There are mind-boggling asphalt highways and off-roads trails to ride motorbikes and the routes are dominated by miles of breathtaking landscapes, culture and traditions through remote villages. Meet people, profuse in hospitality during the ride, which are focused away from frequent touristic hotspots to let you experience an authentic adventure rather than a local city sightseeing tour.

However, let us not be ignorant, motorcycle tour itself is a dangerous activity and you must not ride like a d***head on the hills and highways or along the tour route. Moreover, the trails can be confusing sometimes, but that is the thrill of accelerating on unknown terrain. Saddle up with a proper two-piece a full lid, a double layer toe box and it will hit high the wind of change without cracking your butt skin.

 Ask us for a customized private guided Nepal motorbike trips to suit your level; we offer guaranteed Group Departure motorbike tours; Book confidently and not miss out on the whole sense of an adventure on mind nibbling topics, as better Motorcycle Tour Company. Trust us; our road captains and tour guides have years of guiding experience on every mountain roads in Nepal and Tibet. Let us take you for an amazing motorcycle adventure with our Nepal Motorcycle tours.