Nepal Mountain Bike Tours

Nepal mountain bike tours, find best Himalayan trails and routes to ride jaw-dropping off-roads mid-hills jeep tracks to amazing valleys. You will ride with local tour guide on roads and highways with fantastic switchbacks, pure downhill, uphill and single-tracks. We offer the best mountain bike tours to ride on the vast chain of hill terrain and trails where GPS often fails occasionally, which happens for its remoteness, and its a genuine aspect with Nepal mountain bike tours. Nepal is an adventure travel destination, and biking holidays has the capability to draw world class mountain bikers. However, the presence of mind required for Mountain bike Tours in Nepal, is difficult to interpret, and the response is clear once you take an adventure.

You can experience fascinating ride on the best mountain biking routes which covers every characteristic of mountain biking tours for all generation of mountain bikers. Besides, Mountain biking tours in Nepal are not an event and there is no pressure of competition or anxiety to cork out champagne from the podium. They are guided mountain bike tours in the Himalayas that will easy your mind to tackle the uneven trails in comfort and make each day of your ride, an adventure more interesting than the other.

Check our list of Nepal mountain bike tour package, ride the most frequented tourist trail of the Annapurna circuit on our Around Annapurna mountain bike tour which offer exquisite views of the Himalayan mountain and various ethenic experience. Once a year Holi festival Ride is a ride on non tourist trail, offers authenticity of a ride that let you socialize and familiarize with local cultural, riding to 80 meters and escalating to 3000 meters. Tibet cycling Tour which is a mountain bike tour from Lhasa to Kathmand, includes riding across one of the highest motor able pass in the world.

Back Road to Pokhara is a good ride even for beginners, though it must be understood, it is still a hill route that requires frequent use of granny gears. The longest mountain bike tour itinerary of our mountain bike tour package is the Himalayan mountain bike Tour. The ride covers an amazing distance into the plains, east west highways, over several rolling hills and beautiful valleys for excellent view of Mt. Everest at 3100 meters, the birth place of Lord Buddha and finally to tourist paradise city in Pokhara.  

Join our Nepal mountain bike tours with featured guaranteed departures date or request a private tour. Meet people in the Himalayas who have probably never seen a bicycle. Experience the Tibetan Nomadic lifestyle on high altitude aired trails with multiple switchbacks, awesome down-hills and extreme up-hills with Nepal mountain bike tours, uncover the best Himalayan rides.