Mountain Bike Tours in Nepal

It is no wonder why Nepal Mountain Bike Tours are world-class. And why not, imagine Nepal MTB Tours to ride across a geographical parameter that stems at 59 meters above sea level that alpine it ways within its Himalayan axis 93 to 155 miles South to North into the region where the highest point on earth Mt. Everest and several astounding peaks reigns supreme. 

That is the magnificence of a Mountain Bike Tour in Nepal, riding on such quantity and quality of rolling hills with fantastic ridges and Enduro type MTB Trails Single-tracks and super climbs with downhills to reach alpine zone hosting chain of bewitching Himalayan sights, the experiences offer a unique sense of natural wonders to behold.

Moreover, the first line of the Himalayas in Nepal start within 40 km from the Southern border, so the transcendence in its landscape in Mountain biking perspectives are incomparable elsewhere in the world. However, Mountain bike tours in Nepal have various classifications beyond an ordinary level of MTB biking aptitude for some bikers who are beginners.

Discover more about Nepal mountain bike tours, experience unique off-road cycling holidays and mountain bike excursion of a lifetime. Check our Nepal biking trips to ride on best terrains and trails in the Himalayas that hold ardent thrill seeker's adrenaline on high, HERE, so you too (novice or a professional) can enjoy the sport of guided Mountain Biking Trips in Nepal.