Bhutan tour, Shangri-la tour in a thunder dragon nation, tourism in the last remaining Himalayan Kingdom in south Asia. Bhutan is surrounded in the east, west and south by the Indian plains and flanked on the north by towering chain of Himalayas separating it from Chinese administered Tibet. Secluded from rest of the world until 1974, Bhutan tour, now offer outstanding tour packages that lets you discover the intricate weave of high Eastern mountains, Druk fortress, mountains and Monasteries in the Shangri-La kingdom. 

Gross National Happiness is an embedded reference of Bhutan and for the Bhutanese people, which you'll experience with a Bhutan tour. For the Bhutanese people and the country, GNH is a communal goal of prospect, a bridge for fundamental value, kindness, equality, humanity and necessary pursuit for economic growth. 

Bhutan tour is best connected from Nepal and it is practical to combine a Bhutan tour with a Tour in Nepal. These are two tiny mountain realms worth a connection if a plan for a Bhutan tour comes in mind. Two outstanding travel destination tucked under the mighty Himalayan shadow, the hidden jewels of south Asia. Bhutan Tour generally inspire a sense of spiritual mystery, awe and fascination.